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Bring It Home Project Means Green Opportunities for Oklahoma

Phillips Murrah attorney and “Bring It Home” Project Director Jim Roth gives a presentation on the program, which has the potential to have a major impact on energy drain in Oklahoma. Photo by Darla Shelden.

By Darla Shelden
Contributing Writer

In the United States, experts say running and maintaining residential and commercial buildings consumes 70 percent of all electricity used and roughly 40 percent of total energy. Clearly such consumption offers a significant opportunity for energy savings.

The “Bring It Home Project” is an effort focused on helping Oklahoma communities realize significant savings while helping the environment. By the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). This effort complements the Oklahoma Uniform Building Code Commission’s newly adopted minimum residential
building code.

The initiative is a Department of Energy funded grant obtained by the Oklahoma Sustainability Network (OSN). Working with national organizations such as the US Green Building Council, OSN acts as a resource for the improvement of Oklahoma’s economy, energy conservation and environment.

Implementation of the grant is being led by law firm Phillips Murrah P.C., C.H. Guernsey & Company, and Guaranteed Watt Savers (GWS), all located in Oklahoma City.

The specialized “Bring It Home” team’s focus is training builders, community leaders and personnel interested in the initiative.

Participants will receive information and learn skills that will allow them to comply with residential building code requirements and to compete in an energy smart construction economy.

Oklahoma builders and design professionals will learn how to optimize the cost effectiveness of energy efficient features in their building products
providing a positive long-term impact on the environment and economy.

The “Bring It Home” Initiative is the first and only coordinated effort in Oklahoma created to prepare the workforce to compete in the energy smart construction economy of the future and to reduce energy consumption.

Four Oklahoma communities, Choctaw, Bartlesville, Moore and Shawnee, have recently committed to participating in the Bring It Home initiative. The goal is to have at least ten communities engaged by the end of the year.

“The ‘Bring It Home’ project will provide numerous resources to the city, including training and workshops for code officials, inspectors, contractors, and city staff regarding the code,” stated Choctaw City Manager Robert Floyd.

City of Moore Community Development Director Elizabeth Jones said, “Moore has chosen to participate in the initiative in order to take advantage of the training opportunities for city staff, builders and developers. We understand that the state is going to eventually require adoption of the IECC 2009, so we wanted
to take advantage of the training process that will be provided by the ‘Bring It Home’ team, prior to the state mandate.”

Phillips Murrah attorney and “Bring It Home” Project Director Jim Roth stated, “This initiative is providing communities a way to learn about the upcoming
code requirements and will provide training to city officials, builders and developers. Communities that engage with us will be ahead of other communities
in the knowledge of the code requirements and how to implement them.”

Under the leadership of environmental expert Kelly Parker, Guaranteed Watt Savers has evolved into one of the nation’s leading firms specializing in
energy efficiency engineering and building science consulting.

C.H. Guernsey & Company is a diversified professional consulting firm offering engineering, architectural, economic and construction management services to utilities, industries and government agencies.

Kelly Coffman representative for C.H. Guernsey & Co. said, “Over the past several months, our team members have been actively working with Oklahoma communities
that are interested in the adoption of the IECC 2009 as either a mandatory or voluntary addition to their residential building codes. Adoption of the IECC 2009 standards will benefit home owners by providing long-term savings on utility bills.”

“The completion of this project will be phenomenal for the Oklahoma housing market and will save homeowners some major dollars on utility costs and also provide substantial savings over the long term,” said Roth.

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