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Made in Oklahoma Coalition introduces new iPhone app

staff report


Oklahomans now have a new tool to learn more about Made in Oklahoma Coalition (MIO) products, with the launch of the MIO iPhone app. “The MIO iPhone app will make it much easier for Oklahomans to support local companies, products and restaurants,” said MIO spokeswoman Sharra Martin.

The application is free to download from iTunes and includes categorized lists of MIO products, a directory of  recipes, a restaurant locator and general information about the coalition. The app also allows people to share any of its features through email, Twitter or on Facebook.

“We also hope the app will increase awareness of and support for MIO on social media channels.”The MIO restaurant locator shows maps, addresses, phone numbers and directions to find MIO restaurants.

Users can search for new recipe ideas, grouped by categories, on the recipe feature. Colorful photographs of dishes help users identify great meal ideas and easy-to-read recipes to follow while cooking or grocery shopping. Oklahoma Chef Robert Black with A Good Egg Dining Group helped develop the app.

“Restaurants depend so much on the support of the community,” Black said. “This app will make it easier for Oklahomans to find restaurants that serve dishes made from local products.” ahoma food manufacturers in 2000, is

IO, a 30 Coalition with

Download the app by visiting

MIO comprises 30 Oklahoma companies with aggregate sales of nearly $3 billion. Member companies collectively employ 20,000 Oklahomans.


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