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Parents Assistance Center helps strengthen local families

After decades of helping rebuild families and repair relationships, the Parents Assistance Center is still going strong.

As stated in their vision, PAC is striving to become the most recognized resource leader within the community for strengthening families and diminishing violence.

“We are a nonprofit organization and we provide parenting education classes for parents and families in crisis,” said Laura Gamble, Executive Director at the Parents Assistance Center. “Our mission is strengthening families to prevent child abuse, neglect and other family violence.”

They aim to do so by carrying out their core values: showing that families matter, accountability, integrity, respect and community outreach. These values are demonstrated through their various parent-child programs.

The backbone of PAC is the Parenting Program, which is comprised of two separate, 12-week workshops: Nurturing Parenting Skills and Compassion Workshop.

These workshops help parents develop the skills to create a safe, nurturing home for their children. Along with these workshops, there are additional programs available.

The Supervised Parental Visitation is a service that offers a safe and neutral environment that enables visits between children and their non-custodial parent. The Parent-Child Interaction Therapy helps to develop proper parenting skills through a step-by-step, live process where instructors encourage and coach parents during direct interaction with their child. Finally, they offer a Batterer’s Intervention Program.

This is a 52-week program, accredited by the Office of the Attorney General, which stresses the importance of decreasing domestic violence.

Approximately 1,500 people a year participate in one program or another at the PAC, yielding promising results.

“DHS likes us a lot. They are very happy with the success that we have with the clients,” Gamble said. “The clients themselves, many times, will say ‘I’m so glad that I came here; you have really changed my life; I have a whole different outlook on how I treat my children now. I have learned there are so many better ways that I can handle the challenges of being a parent.’”


PAC recently celebrated 35 years of strengthening families and changing lives.

To learn more about PAC, its programs, getting involved or making donations, visit


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