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Blue Cross and Blue Shield aims to improve children’s health


Staff Report

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma (BCBSOK) is stepping up its effort to improve the health of kids in Oklahoma communities. The state’s largest health insurer launched a major initiative last week called “Healthy Kids, Healthy Families,” which aims to improve the health of as many as a half-million children, officials said.

The three-year effort will fund programs that encourage nutrition education, promote physical activity, prevent and manage disease, and support safe environments for children.
“As a company committed to health and wellness, we must continue to be part of innovative solutions to the health challenges we face,” said Bert Marshall, president of BCBSOK. “Nearly 75 percent of health care dollars are spent on preventable chronic diseases, and obesity is the leading contributor.
Healthy Kids, Healthy Families will be a major part of Blue Cross and Blue Shield’s efforts over the next several years to promote healthy habits among young people and build a new generation of wellness for Oklahoma.”
Through Healthy Kids, Healthy Families, Blue Cross will focus its resources and time on strategic alliances with local and national nonprofit organizations that best match its commitment to fostering greater community health improvements.

Several health-related, partner organizations have joined the effort.
The Healthy Kids, Healthy Families initiative plans to provide more than 150,000 immunizations, create safe places to play for 1,500 children, offer nutrition education to the schools and kitchen tables of 125,000 students, and promote physical activity to an additional 200,000 children in Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Illinois.
“Motivating children to engage in healthy habits such as nutrition and exercise at an early age will likely foster healthier adults,” added Marshall. “We’re committed to ensuring that our children’s health is a local and national priority so that overweight and obese kids can avoid a road of lifelong chronic conditions tomorrow.”
About Healthy Kids, Healthy Families: For more information about the project, or to seek partnership and funding opportunities, please visit
About Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma: Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma is the state’s oldest and largest insurer. For more information, please visit

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