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Harrah Grassfire Devastates Animal Shelter, Rescuer needs your help with emergency fosters and supplies.

HARRAH, Oklahoma — The grassfires that destroyed several homes in Harrah also devastated a local animal shelter.

Vickie Opitz is with OK Adopt A Dog tried to save as many animals as she could from her shelter as the fire approached, but she was forced to evacuate before she could get to all of them.

Opitz and her son were able to save 25 dogs, but there were still 25 cats and dogs that they were forced to turn loose near 10th Street and Dobbs Road, including a partially blind German Shepherd.

And Opitz received word that she lost her barn, the shelter and three horses.

If you come across any of these animals or would like to help you are urged to call 405-426-7020 or email them at [email protected]

Story reprinted with permission by News 9.  Photos by News 9.

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