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Airlines Cancel Late Arrivals and Early Morning Departures

Airlines Cancel Late Arrivals and Early Morning Departures

Airport Crews Ready for Next Round of Snow

In anticipation of the heavy snowfall, airlines have cancelled the last arriving flights of the day along with the originating flights Wednesday morning.  It is anticipated that the last arrivals and departures for the day will end around 7:30pm to 8:00pm. Additional flights may be cancelled as the storm approaches.  Approximately 50 arrivals and departures had been cancelled as of 4 p.m. today (Tuesday, Feb. 8).  According to information sent by airport officials to The City Sentinel, at this time the earliest arrival is scheduled for mid-morning on Wednesday.

Airport maintenance crews stand ready to begin clearing runways and roadways as soon as the storm begins.  The primary focus of snow operations is to keep a runway open and operational and to be ready when the airlines resume flights.   The landside crew will concentrate on keeping the terminal building accessible from Airport Road.

Airlines are encouraging travelers to rebook their flight until later in the week, even into next week.  Travelers may need to be flexible with their plans as airlines are still recovering from the numerous cancellations last week.

Most airlines are waiving change fees if the change is due to the storm.  To change a reservation, travelers need to contact the airline’s reservations number or check the website. Travelers should not come to the airport to change a ticket.

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