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What’s missing?

By Marlys Johnsen Norris

Some people spend a whole lifetime trying to find the missing ingredient in their life. They fill their lives with material things, events, wealth, travel, work, people,
socials, sports, drugs, sex, even religion trying to find the ingredient that will make them feel complete. Shouldn’t they believe that one of those things would satisfy? Possibly for a short duration of time any one of those things give a sense of euphoria, but it doesn’t last. Not one of those things gives them the kind of inner satisfaction,
meaning and purpose they are seeking.
Depending on their temperament and personality they will jump from one to another, continually trying to fill that void in their life. Others may accept their lot
and live in a state of denial but miss the mysterious one simple act that would give their life that special ingredient. And some will recognize their dilemma and diligently
seek answers.
Will they find what’s missing? The answer is not complicated but often too simple for many. A simple answer can be found yearly in the story as it is replayed in the
church and news with the yearly celebration birth of baby Jesus (Christmas) and 33 years later, (Easter) His sacrificial death on the Cross. His Son’s shed blood purchased and washed away mankind‘s acts of sin and reconciled us back to the Father. Jesus was the Father’s gift to us and when we accept His Son, we become Jesus gift back to the Father.

When God created man/woman he placed an empty place in each of us for the residence of His Holy Spirit to help every individual in their journey to “know and
love” Him with their heart and soul. A simple willful act and many miss ever discovering it because of their rebellion and negligence. The void or empty place purposely
left in each of us by God.
This empty unfulfilled place can only be filled when a person accepts Jesus death on the Cross as payment for their wrongful acts (sin) and then, invite God’s Son (Jesus)
into a their heart and life. God’s Word says “You must be born-again not of water but of the spirit to enter the Kingdom of Heaven”. Just kneel where you are now and
ask Jesus to come into your heart and life and you will be born-again into a brand new life. (John 3) and heaven is Father’s gift for accepting His Son, Jesus Christ.

The author has written seven books on faith and conducts workshops on marriage improvement, among other topics. [email protected]

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