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Kimray chairman Tom Hill’s new book focuses on “Making Character First”

Tom Hill

Tom Hill, chairman of the board at Kimray Inc., spoke about his new book “Making Character First” recently at the Petroleum Club. His address was featured in the OK Ethics Leadership Series.

Hill’s new publication is at the center of an marketing push on Jan. 11. The book describes the turn-around story of Kimray, an Oklahoma City-based manufacturer of oil and gas equipment, which restructured hiring practices, recognition and monthly company meetings to promote good character.

Afterward, Kimray’s worker’s compensation costs decreased 80 percent while experiencing a 25 percent increase in profits.

Hill also tells the story of the founding and development of Character First and the Character Training Institute Inc.

It’s a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing materials and training for families, schools, businesses and other organizations interested in building good character. The book includes a step-by-step guide for transforming the culture of any organization to one of character.

“With tough economic times for business and highly visible ethics violations in major corporations, the character of every individual, beginning with the top leaders, may be the most important and challenging issue facing every organization today,” Hill said. “We must do more than ethics training; we must address the culture of our organizations by actively encouraging good character in each employee.”

Hill was the first Executive Pilot Award recipient from OK Ethics in April for his commitment to integrity in the boardroom, leadership in the community and humanity in service to others. Hill has been involved with OK Ethics since 2004.

“Tom is an inspiration to all business leaders because, in his quiet humble way, Tom shows that there is a right way to make a profit and demonstrates where our priorities should be,” said Shannon Warren, founder of the Oklahoma Business Ethics Consortium & Foundation. “We consider Tom to be a friend, a mentor and a guide for promoting Oklahoma values of integrity at work.”

“Making Character First” is available for purchase at

Founded in 1948 by Garman Kimmell, Kimray, Inc. is an Oklahoma manufacturer of control valves and related equipment for oil and gas producing companies. Kimray uses iron, steel, aluminum and thermoplastic materials to build a comprehensive line of control valves, thermostats, energy-exchange glycol pumps, gas-operated pilots and other control devices. For more information, visit

NOTE: Senior Editor Patrick B. McGuigan contributed to this report.

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