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Northwest Classen High School band: (Red) Hot!

The Northwest Classen High School marching band continues its steady renaissance, with new uniforms enlivening this year’s band performances at halftime of football games and in competitions with other schools.Photo Provided

“The Other Side,” “Under the Bridge” and “Higher Ground” are all selections of the award-winning group the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The numbers were this football season in the “field show” of the Northwest Classen High School Marching Band.

Observers described the show as five minutes of “electrically charged funk rock and roll music with marching drill.” This is the second year that the NW Classen High School Band has marched and competed marching band contests – the first times in many years the Marching Knights have made such competitions.

Northwest’s Marching Band performed at Lawton Superior Marching Band Contest recently and gained a first place spot in the 5A Classification. The marching show included solos on selections:

The Other Side featured soloists Victor Jiminez (freshman) on alto saxophone, Reinaldo Diaz (Senior) on trumpet and Jonathan Rester on trumpet. Under the Bridge featured soloist; Skylor Walls (sophomore) on Xylophone, and a duet featuring Keely Clements (Junior) on flute and Leo Morales (Junior) on Sousaphone. Higher Ground featured a unique sousaphone solo from Leo Morales.

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