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Classen SAS students win state drama championship

Students at Classen School of Advanced Studies recently won the Oklahoma state championship for one act plays in Class 5A. In this photo the cast of “The Machinal” is gathered onstage. Photo provided

The Department of Theatre at Classen School of Advanced Studies has won the state Championship in the 5A One Act Play Contest. It is the seventh time Classen SAS has won the state title.

The Department’s production of The Machinal by Sophie Treadwell gained the top honors at the competition. Additionally, the Classen SAS production won top honors in Theatre Design& Crew category.

Three of the top ten All State Acting awards were won by Classen Theatre students. Graham Carroll, Missy Preston and Michelle Roselle were named to the All State Cast at conclusion of the competition Friday, Oct. 29, in Tulsa. Directors for this Classen SAS production were Michael Payne, Terry Veal and Tom Harrington.

Student actors  in the play were Sammy Zelley, Elizabeth Ogburn, Kaite Giza, Jessa Schinski, Missy Preston, Graham Carroll, Michelle Roselle, De’Onna Prince, Adam Ross,Chas Wojan, Kamron McClure, James Rodriguez, Haydn Weslick, and Colin Morrow.

Crew for the production included Seanah Crenshaw, Brittan Benedict, Angelica Brooks, Marial Fuller, Alex Hampton, Kaite Cummings, Lenora LaVictoria, Sarah Dailey, Ben Day, Erin Langer, Quintan Zoch, Nikki LeMoine, Korah Carlson, Robin Cross, Chris Plunkett, James Lee, Alex Segell, Conrad Statham, Caitlin Morrison-Dyke, Joseph Brown and Taylor Mangham.

According to Michael Payne of the Classen SAS Theatre Department,“The Machinal,” a play written by American playwright and journalist Sophie Treawell, is inspired by the real life case of convicted and executed murderess Ruth Snyder. Payne said, “The story involves Helen, whose entire life has been dictated by the people and machines around her. She follows the rituals that society expects of a woman, however resistant she may feel about them, and subsequently marries her boss, whom she finds repulsive. After having a baby with him, followed by an affair with a younger man who fuels her lust for life, she is driven to murder her husband. She is found guilty of the crime and meets her end in one of the deadliest of machines, the electric chair.”

Payne is a national board certified teacher. In a brief interview with The City Senitnel, Payne said, “We are soooooo proud of our students!”

NOTE: Senior Editor Patrick B. McGuigan contributed to this story.

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